#AnythingGoesSaturday: Breakfast at The Lazy Monk Cafe

This morning I caught up with my beautiful friend Brooke, and we headed to The Lazy Monk Cafe in Seven Hills (just across the street from where I get my hair done at Unsurpassable) for their delicious (and cheap!!) breakfasts.  

During the week, The Lazy Monk is a Thai food restaurant called The Golden Buddha, and they bring this Thai flair into their breakfasts on the weekend with colourful, fresh arrangements, and interesting combinations. I just LOVE how they include fruit and roasted veggies with their meals! I ordered the Vegetarian Breakfast- which includes eggs your way, toast, a hash brown, spinach, mushrooms, and a selection of fresh fruit & roast veggies. Their meals are huge, and best of all, cheap! The meal above (excluding drinks) was only $12.90! That’s basically unheard of in Brisbane. Brooke ordered the Big Breakfast (included sausages and bacon I think), and that was a very reasonable $18.90. Also, check out my coffee… It’s the SUPER MUG size.. Amazing for $5.  
My only complaint is that the food took agessss to come out today, BUT we didn’t order until 9.30 and they were very busy.

Be sure to check out The Lazy Monk Cafe in Seven Hills! xx K

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