#WellnessWednesday: Acai Bowl at Bay Blends!

I had a delightful day off today and so decided to check out Wynnum’s newest “superfood” bar- Bay Blends!   Opening less than 6 months ago, Bay Blends is a very welcome addition to the Bayside area. It is well known that many shops in Wynnum have been closing down…they just can’t compete with online shopping and don’t appeal to the younger families and ‘health-conscious’ crowd moving into surrounding suburbs of Manly & Gumdale. It is so exciting to see places like Bay Blends, Cedar & Pine, and Frenchie’s Cafe opening up- people are finally heading back to Wynnum again! :-D 

Bay Blends seems very busy- there were loads of people coming in and out while we were there. They have a laid back/ bohemian feel about their décor, and I just love the bright orange chairs out the front! C and I both got an ‘Acai Bowl’… The quintiessential treat of the moment. The first photo is the Espresso Acai Bowl, and the second is the Raw Cacao Acai Bowl. Both were delicious and very filling. A little pricy at $10.50, but that’s kind of the “going rate” for superfoods nowadays… Totally worth it, haha.   Bay Blends is open early everyday, and aside from Acai Bowls, they also offer smoothies, juices, coffee, and raw treats.   Be sure to head into the ever-so-slowly revamping Wynnum area and check them out! 

xx K


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