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Monthly Motivation: August!

Wow, August already?! This month’s motivation is about getting my booty into gear, and getting stuff DONE! I’ve just started my Graduate Certificate in HR Management online, and so am doing full-time university while also working full-time between three jobs, and trying to incorporate yoga AND getting ready to move to Melbourne in November. My family says I just enjoy being stressed… I think they’re right. I thrive on pressure, and love the feeling of accomplishing something I set out to do.   

#MemoriesMonday: Getting Stuck in a Dumpster

Doing something awesome, no one sees it. Doing something embarrassing, everyone sees it.

Welcome to the first post in the Memory Monday series! Here I will be retelling a short snippet from my mostly mundane/ embarrassing life. These will be totally random, and in no chronological order. Some might be funny, some might be sad, some might just be lame- basically it will be whatever I can think of that day! Apologies in advance to any of my Facebook friends who make an appearance in these stories :-) hahah. First up, the time I got stuck in a dumpster.

Let me set the scene: Grade 8- Middle School- 13 years old. I was “working” as a teacher’s assistant (we could do that in our final year of Middle School instead of an elective class), and was asked to take the recycling bin out to the dumpster outside. So there I was, roaming the halls like a woman on a top-secret mission, bursting with excitement about being outside in the middle of the day. It was always so eerie and surreal to be outside the school when everyone else was in class- almost like you were a prison escapee and were about to get caught at any moment…I probably was singing my own theme music to be quite honest.

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