Monthly Motivation

Wow, August already?! This month’s motivation is about getting my booty into gear, and getting stuff DONE! I’ve just started my Graduate Certificate in HR Management online, and so am doing full-time university while also working full-time between three jobs, and trying to incorporate yoga AND getting ready to move to Melbourne in November. My family says I just enjoy being stressed… I think they’re right. I thrive on pressure, and love the feeling of accomplishing something I set out to do.  

I can’t believe July is nearly over! It’s certainly been a tough one for our family. I think the best motivation for me now is summed up in this quote- it’s important to realise that everyone processes grief differently, and that it takes time. This month, I am focusing on allowing myself to process the loss of our pet, and to cut myself a bit of slack.


This month, I have been struggling with physical motivation. Specifically, I have been Netflix bingeing non-stop.
I watched five seasons of The Vampire Diaries in like 3 weeks (they have 22 episodes per season!)… And yet I keep complaining about not being in shape and not having energy. I need to stop giving up on myself because it is SO hard to re-start an exercise regime after you stop. This month I am going to focus on not giving up and dedicating time to working out. To kick start this, I have re-joined yoga… Will keep you posted.


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