#WellnessWednesday: Self-Care After Losing a Pet


I’m baaaack!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… About a week and a half ago, we lost a cherished member of our family, our beautiful six year old Sphynx, Dobby. His death was very sudden and completely unexpected. He died from a blot clot in the heart resulting from a genetic condition we were unaware of. I’m not sure if losing him so quickly makes it more or less difficult. Dobby was unlike any cat I’ve met before. He was mischievous, lazy, loving, and full of personality. He would sleep in the bed, wait at the front door with the dogs when he heard mum’s car pulling up, and come when called. The shock of his death is still quite fresh, and it feels so strange to be speaking of him in past-tense.


Since his passing, I feel like I’ve sort of “lost my mojo” when it comes to being productive and staying on top of tasks. Having completed a psychology degree, I know how important it is to be emotionally resilient, but I also know that grief is a process. In saying that, I have never experienced the death of a pet before, and although I expected it to be difficult, I never anticipated the physical pain that accompanies loss. I know many people don’t view pets the same they would other members of the family, but to me there is little difference- it doesn’t hurt any less.

Anyway, the main point of this post (aside from explaining my absence) is to encourage self-care after losing a pet. It is so important to take care of yourself when experiencing grief- for some people that might mean taking a day or two off work to be alone and process the situation, while for others that might mean sitting with friends and family sharing funny pictures and stories of your pet. For me, I think one of the best ways to help myself was to help those around me. Providing comfort and strength to my family helped me to find my own comfort and strength. I found that sometimes thinking of all the funny and annoying things Dobby did made me feel better, while sometimes it made me feel worse. Grief is a process, and everyone handles it differently- not necessarily better or worse- just differently.

Although it may not seem like it right away, dealing with the loss of a pet does get easier with time. After a while, you won’t be so sad. You won’t want to cry whenever you think of your pet. You will be able to remember the funny and annoying things your pet did, and you’ll just smile :)

xx K

#AnythingGoesSaturday: Happy 75th Birthday, Story Bridge! 

Last weekend, my family and I headed to the 75th Birthday celebration for Brisbane’s Story Bridge! The bridge was opened to the public and Eat Street Markets was set up for the day.     Although it was ridiculously packed (we could not move), we had a great time.  First, I had an amazing  Nutella crêpe- it was only $5!  Next, it was time for Dippin’ Dots! These are weird, freeze dried bits of ice cream- very interesting…  Can’t wait to see what they do for the 100th year anniversary! :) xx K

#TravelTuesday: PARIS. That Pretty Much Sums it Up.

At the tender age of 21, I boarded a plane to Paris with hopes of 1) Miraculously evolving into a “strong, independent woman”, and 2) Becoming fluent in French. It’s fairly safe to say that neither of these things happened… but that’s a story for another day… (let’s just say my Visa was valid for 9 months, but I was back on Australian soil within 6 weeks…)

Nonetheless, I got to go to PARIS! The city of love! The city of lights! The city of homeless people and cigarettes!
So in this Travel Tuesday post, I wanted to share a couple of favourite memories from my short stay in Paris. First up, the iconic Eiffel Tower (or la tour Eiffel as the Frenchies would say!)

towerIt IS pretty spectacular. I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer size of it. The structure was built in 1889 and stands at 301 meters- which is 3x the height of the Statue of Liberty, and only 80 meters shorter than the Empire State Building… impressive!
COOL FACT- The amount of paint on the Eiffel Tower weighs as much as 10 elephants!

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#FoodiesFriday: Review of Riverbar & Kitchen, Eagle Street Pier

Hello and welcome to the first official Foodies Friday post! The idea of Foodies Friday is pretty open to interpretation- it will either be a review of a local bar/ restaurant/ food place, or perhaps a recipe for something I’ve made :) Today is a review of Riverbar & Kitchen in Brisbane’s Eagle Stret Pier district! Although I’ve been to Riverbar for a nighttime function, I really wanted to try out their lunch specials and legendary cocktails- so last weekend C and I scoped it out! As you can probably guess by their name, Riverbar & Kitchen is right smack on the Brisbane River. It is nautical themed, and I just LOVE all the white-washed wood walls. There are big ropes wrapped around the beams, and oars attached to the ceilings. Every inch of space has been thoughtfully designed, and everywhere you look there is something interesting. bmag-250RRriverbar_030913riverbar1FullSizeRender (5)

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